15 days with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus:think about 2023?


The allegiances of the S10

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the design is Samsung’s fidelity to principles questioned by other brands. The first, the headphone ‘jack’ . It is appreciated. And it is shown that removing it is not essential to reduce edges. The other, the dual sim and microSD tray (you have to choose between one option or another). There are phones -the iPhone, OnePlus or Xiaomi’s Mi9- that do not allow memory expansion, in addition to their basic versions offering half the storage. Here it starts with 128 GB. The service menu is completed with a USB Type-C port, stereo speakers (signed by AKG, with good sound and compatible with Dolby Atmos) and IP68 resistance.to liquids and dust. It is hard to imagine, beyond folding, where this design can be reinvented. It’s hard to ask for more. Perhaps the next great revolution: a cape that will prevent my fingers from getting marked. 

The headphone jack and microSD expansion are essential points here It is the second screen that we see with a hole in these latitudes. upcoming mobiles in Bangladesh , The first was the Honor View. Nothing to see. No bulge is noticeable when passing the finger. I already said it in the first contact: it integrates perfectly. The ‘renders’ just don’t do it justice. Overall it looks nice. Beautiful. This auction is the most striking of a 6.4-inch panel that continues the good work on the screens of the house. It is a Dynamic AMOLED with Quad HD+ resolution, resulting in a density of 522 pixels per inch. It looks good, very good. For exteriors it is bright enough. They’ve better calibrated the colors, smoothed out those ‘garish’ casts it tended towards , and, they say, managed to reduce blue light emission. It is compatible with HDR10+ , the first on the market to offer this standard that is currently handled by YouTube or Amazon Prime Video. In short, things look good and it responds very well. It can be said that there is no other like it at the moment.

no hot flashes

At this point we talk about the new ultrasonic sensor under the screen. It is appreciated that they have taken it out of their heads to place this piece next to the rear camera. It offers correct performance. It is relatively fast when it identifies the fingerprint (it reads it even with the mobile turned off) but it fails a little more than is desirable. It is the only complaint that can be made in this section. A reproach that should not be passed on tiptoe because. Despite having facial recognition, it is not as secure a system as others. But at least it offers both biometric tools. Let’s talk power. Samsung, like Huawei and Apple, decided in its day to ride its own horses, with the exception of the US, where it continues to pull Qualcomm’s livestock. In Spain we have the Exynos 9820 behind the wheel, a house SoC. It is marked with 8GB or 12GB of RAM (only in the S10 Plus model with a tera of capacity). This chip won’t be the most outstanding processor on the market, but it’s in a very good spot and the performance I’ve experienced is more than adequate for 98% of users. Everything goes smoothly and with hardly any ‘hot flashes’.

The hole can be hidden, by ‘software’ or with creative wallpapers for the S10. (C. Castellon)The only episode of overheating (without being worrying) occurred in the initial ‘impasse’ of the configuration, when all the ‘apps’ related to my account began to be downloaded and installed and Google Play experienced its particular bottleneck.

beastly figures

With internal memory Samsung has returned once again with monstrous numbers. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Price in Bangladesh . If the Note 9 came with a 512GB version, now this S10 Plus does so with a tera version. Taking into account that an external 512 card can be inserted, you can stand with a terminal with 1.5TB of storage . I already said this on the day of the presentation: it’s a manual ‘let’s see who has it longer’. I can think of few, if not anyone, who needs these figures. With less you can manage and settle. There are 512 and 128GB versions (in the case of the S10e, the higher one stays with 256). 

The Samsung Galaxy S10 includes that reverse charge that allows us to charge other devices. 

It’s a big phone. Therefore, a large battery. 4,100mAh. It falls slightly behind the 4,200 mAh of the Mate 20 Pro. Regarding the S9 Plus whose analysis we published just a year ago, no great differences in autonomy will be noticed. It gives enough to spend the day, despite having a front with more panel. It comes with fast charging and wireless charging. Perhaps at this point we have to stop for a moment in the reverse charging functionality , which Samsung now adopts after Huawei was the first to put it.It serves to give a power shot to any device with the Qi standard but be warned, charging a phone with this, even a little bit, is an odyssey. In any case, an accessory such as headphones or a watch and you will also have to be patient. We like the idea, as we already saw in the Mate 20 Pro, but it must be given more agility so that it is something that we use on a day-to-day basis.

One step, not one stride

The Galaxy S10 Plus comes with three cameras instead of two . It comes with a 12-megapixel main sensor (f/1.5-f/2.4 dynamic aperture and optical stabilizer) and a telephoto (12-megapixel, f/2.4 and optical stabilizer). A tandem nailed to last year that now adds a wide angle of 16 megapixels and f / 2.2. With this formula, which Xiaomi or Sony have also opted for in their Xperia 1, versatility is gained and it goes where Apple or Google cannot, whose camera is the reference and the most prominent today.


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